Leonardo da Vinci was Arab

Florence, March 1, 2010 – “Leonardo da Vinci, considered ‘the greatest Italian of all time’ in the recent format on Raidue, was an Arab.”
This was revealed in a study by Alfred Breitman and Roberto Malini of the Watching The Sky Group, an association engaged in the search for lost works of art and track unknown biography of the great artists of the past.
The most important evidence is constituted by the discovery of a fingerprint on the painting of Leonardo’s “Lady with an Ermine.” According to the anthropologist Luigi Capasso type is characteristic of the footprint 60% of individuals from Arab countries. The idea of an Arab origin of the teacher is not new. E ‘is well known that the name of Leonardo’s mother, Catherine, was frequently attributed to the Arab slave purchased in Tuscany from Istanbul.
Breitman and Malini are confirmed to their argument in a virile portrait of the early sixteenth school of Leonardo, which is a face that has many similarities with the known portraits of the face of Leonardo da Vinci. Its uniqueness is wearing a headdress fashioned Arabic. You may assume that this is a portrait of the maestro performed by one of his students who knew the true origins of the ‘greatest Italian of all time’. The news, valuable for the History of Art, is also a warning to those who are exceptionally keen the geographical and cultural boundaries of our country, not understanding that social progress, moral and intellectual life of a people can only take place thanks to other experiences and traditions. “